Water Underfloor Heating Can Boost a Properties Resale Value

house on a pile of cashMany of us are happy to install water underfloor heating systems just for the simple luxury of having warm feet whenever the weather turns wonky. However, as we have discussed in previous articles here at Underfloor Heating Expert, there is far more to underfloor heating than just having toasty tootsies for a couple of months each year.

One such benefit is the fact that a well laid out hydronic heating system design can, in fact, increase your properties value when you decide to put it up for sale.

For some, this will just be an inconsequential side benefit to a home improvement that has already given them plenty of other advantages, like improved health and a more comfortable way of heating their living space. But, for others, such as developers and construction companies, it’s a relatively simple way to add a lot more value to a project.

So, what is the thinking behind this? Let’s take a look.

A question of space

The first point is all to do with space (no, not the rockets and planets kind of space – we’re talking about the swing-a-cat type here). By adding underfloor heating to a home where radiators once ruled the roost, we can do away with those hideous hunks of metal and heat our homes the invisible way.

Aesthetically this is much more pleasing, but it’s also important to remember that as new-builds are becoming smaller, it also saves a great deal of space too. As anyone who has tried to furnish a small flat will tell you, having a bare wall (rather than one covered by a radiator) is an absolute godsend.

With underfloor heating installed, there’s no more worrying about pushing a sofa up against a radiator and losing all of the heat, you can put your furniture wherever you like – perfect when you don’t have a lot of room to play with in the first place.

Everyone is keen to go ‘Green’

Graph indicating the energy efficiency ratings

Image via Carbon Trust

The increasing awareness of the planet’s problems is causing more and more of us to think carefully about how we use (and in some cases, waste) our energy.

Even those who are not remotely environmentally minded have an incentive to lower their usage thanks to the ever increasing prices forced upon all of us by the energy companies.

With this in mind, eco-friendly home improvements such as underfloor heating have become a major selling point for estate agents up and down the country. Where once they concentrated on kitchens and bathrooms, it is now becoming increasingly popular to highlight a property’s green credentials when the home goes up for sale.

Wet underfloor heating tends to win out over dry on this count as the amount of energy needed is considerably less. However, for those who are truly serious about lowering their energy usage, solar panels will give you almost free underfloor heating when incorporated with a good electric underfloor heating system.

The feeling of luxury

As water underfloor heating becomes more and more commonplace you would think that people’s perception of it would change too, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

While it’s true that a greater number of homes are being built and retrofitted with underfloor heating than ever before, its ability to raise an eyebrow hasn’t seemed to diminish at all.

Underfloor heating still gives us a feeling of luxury, and it can make a great deal of difference to how prospective buyers view a property.

Couple this with all of the benefits that we have spoken about in the past here at Underfloor Heating Expert and you’ll not only receive greater interest in your property, you’ll also be looking at an increased selling price too.

Would an increase in property value help you take the plunge and install underfloor heating? Let us know below.


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