Low Carbon Heating for Homes Set to Treble by 2017

low carbon heating research

A recent study by Delta-ee’s Microgen Insight Service has predicted that sales of low carbon heating products – such as ground and air source heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps, solar thermal, biomass and micro-CHP – are set to rise considerably over the next few years.

With the growing popularity of the domestic Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) that was introduced earlier this year (2014), confidence in the low carbon heating market is at an all time high. Although it has not been without its teething problems, domestic RHI has allowed many individuals to explore the benefits that renewable heating can bring.

Rising confidence

Many manufacturers are now making larger investments than ever before into the promotion of their renewable heating products and the drive appears to be paying off. Consumers are now more aware of the options that they have when choosing their next heating source, and as the range of products grows, so too will the public’s knowledge and confidence in all things renewable.

The research paper claims that the 30,000 installations of renewable heat sources that took place in the UK during 2014 is set to skyrocket up to 90,000 by 2017, a staggering rise for any industry. The predictions have been made following consultations with a wide range of groups including social housing providers and building developers.

A bright future

Steven Ashurst, Microgen Insight Service Manager at Delta-ee, says, ‘It’s still early days for the low carbon heating market in the UK, but by 2017 we expect it to capture around 1-in-20 installations in the heating market’. This is clearly excellent news for anyone connected to the industry, but also for the planet too. As more people switch across to renewables, they will begin to see the benefits that this form of low carbon heating can bring, and word-of-mouth sales are expected to grow the market further still as we look beyond 2017.